Dollar Tree Fall/Thanksgiving Table Setting

Beautiful table settings do not have to be expensive!  To prove that, I created this fall table setting with ONLY items purchased from my local Dollar Tree store, costing less than $50 for all of it!!  My kids have always loved going to dollar stores when they were little.  Actually, my teenage daughter still loves going and I have always been fascinated by what you can buy at a dollar store!  So, she was part of the inspiration of this Dollar Tree Fall/Thanksgiving Table Setting.

Benjamin Franklin famously said, “A penny saved is a penny earned”.  I say save those pennies!!

Dollar Tree Fall/Thanksgiving Table Setting

These are the items I bought to create this look…each only $1!!

To create the table setting, start with putting together the “accessories” for the table starting with the pillar candles.  I used the red kidney beans to provide warmth in the Glass Cylinder Vases, 9 in. and the votives but you could also use white beans or corn kernels.  All you need to do is put the candle in the vase first and then pour the beans into the vase and voila!!  Same with the candle votives … add the beans to the votives and then top it off with the candle.

Next, start putting together the centerpiece.  First, fill the Glass Cylinder Vases with the white beans to help hold up the stems.  the longer sprigs into the center of the vase and builds outward.  Be sure to “fluff” each spray to provide fullness as you go.  After the taller pieces were installed, I added in the feather components and then finished with faux hydrangeas.  You will need to use wire cutters (click here for a suggestion) to cut the individual stems off the bunch so that they can be more easily placed into the arrangement.

And here is the end result!!

Lastly, add the placemats, plates, bowls, the candle accessories and the adorable leaf plates.  So cute!  I absolutely flipped for the green glass wine glasses that were only $1!  I went ahead and purchased 4 more to use them on my main Thanksgiving table setting (blog post coming soon on that topic).  Hopefully, this inspires you that you can create a beautiful table setting for less than $50!!  You cannot beat that!

It is my desire to help my readers with ideas to reuse, recycle and re-purpose some of the items that were used in my posts.  In this instance, there are certainly many ways the votives and vases can be reused in other applications, but there are also many uses for the beans! Here are some suggestions for meals or snacks you could prepare with them…

Prepare your favorite Red Beans and Rice rice recipe.  Click here for a great recipe!

It is a great time of year to make a big pot of Chili!  Try this unique recipe for an Easy White Bean Chicken Chili … Click here!

How about a dip?  This is a great, easy Roasted Red Pepper Bean Dip to try.  It is vegan, gluten-free and low carb!  Click here!

Hopefully, this post has helped convince you that great table settings do not have to be expensive!  This table setting below is another great example of a table that has been created only with products bought at the Dollar Tree (HWH maintains an affiliate marketing relationship with Dollar Tree).  Watch this video for more ideas…Customer Favorites Video: 9″ Glass Cylinder Vases

Thank you for stopping by to see how I put together this Dollar Tree Fall/Thanksgiving Table Setting.  It was super easy and inexpensive!

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Cheers, Holliday

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