Dollar Tree Halloween Table Setting

As demonstrated in my recent blog post Dollar Tree Fall/Thanksgiving Table Setting, beautiful, creative table settings do not have to be expensive!  Based on the feedback and positive comments from my last Dollar Tree post, I decided to create another table setting with ONLY items purchased from my local Dollar Tree Store. Surprisingly, this particular table setting cost less than $40!!

Personally, I am not much into Halloween, but with kiddos around, they are always asking for “real” decorations, not just pumpkins and flowers.  Imagine that…oh, the perils of kids with a mom who is a designer.  So, I decided to oblige and create a Dollar Tree Halloween Table Setting.

Benjamin Franklin famously said, “A penny saved is a penny earned”.  I say save those pennies!!

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Dollar Tree Halloween Table Setting

There were SO MANY things to choose from for Halloween decorations in a dollar store, but I only needed to buy these products to create this look…each only $1!!

First, I started by assembling the centerpiece placing the black flowers in the Glass Cylinder Vases, 9 in.  I am obsessed with this vase and use them all the time (I bought a case of them).  You gotta love any vase that is only $1!!

Take a second and watch this video about the variety of uses for this vase…Customer Favorites Video: 9″ Glass Cylinder Vases

To complete the centerpiece, I bunched up the black netting on the middle of the table and then placed the orange plastic tray on top of it.  Next, I just added the black glitter pumpkins.  They carry both orange and black glitter pumpkins, but I liked how the black popped against the orange tray.  Finally,  the cute glass and black votive holders were placed into the centerpiece.  Easy peasy!!

Putting together the votives was even easier.  No instruction needed here!

To finish up, I added the placemats, plates, bowls, the candle accessories and the orange glitter pumpkins (which light up, by the way…bonus!).  Not being into skulls and all the “scary” Halloween decorations out there, I thought these skull glasses were quite subtle (they are actually plastic so they are great for kiddos).

I always try to help my readers with ideas to reuse, recycle and re-purpose some of the items that were used in my posts.  The candy corn will not last in my house and most likely yours, so there’s that.  However, there are so many products here that can be reused and re-purposed…

The 9″ Glass Cylinder Vase for a variety of floral arrangements throughout the year.

The glass votive holders and votive candles can easily be used for every season!  Be creative!

The black and white plates could be used for many other table setting applications.

Hopefully,  you enjoyed watching how I put together this cute Dollar Tree Halloween table setting.  At least, my daughter did!  Wink, wink.

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  1. Heidi Mellin | 19th Oct 17

    Love the Glitter pumpkins. Wish I had a Dollar Store closer!

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