Holliday’s Gift Guide – All Things PINK!

Getting closer to spring, I start getting super excited about all things pink coming!  Budding trees, peonies, flowers, flowers, and more flowers!! Pink is such a versatile color and has some many amazing tones and hues.  And, it is just so happy!

Certainly, we all have someone in our lives that love pink.  Lisa Vanderpump and Erika Jayne (two of my favorite Housewives) come to mind as epic pink lovers!  My girlfriend, Alexis (check out her website here!), shares my passion for pink especially when it comes to fashion.  A pop of pink can jazz up any ensemble.  I will admit that we have been known to sit on my sofa with cocktails and shop for pink shoes.  I know…right?!

With her in mind and all of those others who love pink, I have compiled this ALL THINGS PINK Gift Guide!  It was so much fun to pull together this collection of gift ideas.  You will find everything from housewares to pet finds, from accessories to jewelry, from travel to slippers, from kids to adults…there is something for everyone!  It includes products I own and love and some that are on my own wish list.  I will be emailing this link to my hubby, for sure!  

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Styling with Mirrors

Now that the holidays have come to a close, it is a wonderful time to “fluff and puff” areas of your home.   Once all the decorations are put away, it feels like a clean slate to change things up! For this post, I am sharing a great way to create drama and great styling with mirrors and do it inexpensively.  You could create this look over any buffet, sideboard, console, fireplace, over a bed, in a stairwell or other areas in your home that needs a lift or an update.

Styling with Mirrors

Styling with Mirrors

Typically, dining areas are smaller than other living areas in your home. Using mirrors are a great vessel for opening up these smaller areas. In my case, my black buffet is 82″ long, so I needed and wanted a huge mirror for maximum impact.  This is when the light bulb went off! Time to break the rules…

Top 7 Posts of 2017!

Starting this blog only a couple of months ago, it seems crazy to be able to talk about “top posts”.  However, I have been so pleased with the responses and support so far making this journey so rewarding!  These last few months have been filled with so many opportunities for entertaining and decorating for the “season” and I have loved sharing what has been going on around here.  Now, that we are in a new year, I will be switching gears a bit to take on more home decor topics so stay tuned!