Styling a Bench 6 Ways – Part Two

Yesterday, I posted the first of three posts with tips on styling a bench 6 different ways. Today, I am sharing the next two design ideas that I put together for this project.  It is very common for me to peruse through my house regularly for things to change or update.  My family just rolls their eyes.  😉  Sitting in my living room this weekend, I decided that the grey bench in front of my fireplace needed some love.  Thus, the inspiration for this series!

I purchased my bench at a local boutique store, but I identified a few other well-priced options below, in case you are looking for one similar.  Just click on the images for details.

Blanche Velvet Button Tufted Nailhead Trim Clear Acrylic Legs Bench, Grey
Furniture of America Mahony Fabric Bench With Acrylic Legs, Gray
Modern Contemporary Urban Bedroom Living Room Bench, Gray Gray, Fabric Velvet

Tips for Styling a Bench or Table

In Part One of the series (click here to see), I shared these tips to help create these looks. There is a simple formula you can follow to implement this kind of styling on your own.  These basic recommendations also work well for a coffee table, sofa table or buffet styling.

Start with a solid foundation…a tray, stack of books or a platter.

Use a variety of decorative items…different shapes, textures, materials and sizes (old and new).

Accessorize with at least one item that has sentimental value…this helps tell your story and personalizes the design.

Include an organic component…flowers, greenery or anything from outdoors.

Add candles…always add candles!!

Work with an odd number of accessories…3 or 5 would be good for this application.

Romantic Styling – Blush Pink and White

Crushing on blush pink tones lately, creating a romantic setting was a perfect way to incorporate them.  Also, having recently wrapped up Valentine’s Day, these hearts were fresh in my memory as a great option to create this look so I brought them back out.  Considering that spring is right around the corner, this vignette would be great if you want to spruce up your home for the new season.

I couldn’t resist using this Mongolian Sheepskin Throw again! I have used it in several areas of my home and purchased it from Cost Plus World Market (link below).  It is a fantastic accessory to have.  My 2 four-legged babies especially love it!

Shop World Market

These are two of my most favorite coffee table books so I loved using them for this arrangement.  I enjoy decorating with coffee table books throughout my home, especially with books that reflect our passions.  They add a bit more interest than just a tray or other surface.  They can also help add pops of color to any area you are designing and give your guests a little insight into the things or topics that interest you…bonus!  It is probably best that I NOT admit here how many coffee table books that I own of shoe and handbag designers…wink, wink!


Like I mentioned in the first post, it is a good idea to place your decor to one side or another of your bench if you still want folks to be able to sit on it! 🙂

Masculine Styling – For the Men in your Life

If you prefer a more masculine look, then this one if for you!  Wanting to feature something special, I couldn’t resist using this antique tie box that belonged to my great-grandfather.  It has been in my family for over 100 years and I just love its patina and character.

The herringbone throw was a perfect fit providing a tailored element to the bench.  All of the components on this list above are included here.  Using the greenery added some nice, contemporary softness and height to the vignette.

These books are also among my favorite coffee table books.  Having played Polo for so many years and riding horses for most of my childhood, horses are certainly a passion of mine. If you are a watch collector as we are, you will love The Watch Book.  It is also a great gift for that guy in your life that is hard to buy for!

As in the last post, I did not purchase anything to assemble these looks except for the fresh flowers.  All of the books and accessories came from other spots in my home.  Try to use items you already have first.  Just moving things around can make them feel new and fresh again.

Since everyone’s personal style is different and is constantly evolving, I did some shopping for other benches and accessories that could work for a variety of styles, whether casual or formal, contemporary or vintage, etc.

Pin it for later...

Thanks for stopping by today, especially if are visiting from one of the two other posts in this series.  I am busy working on the third post coming soon, so hopefully, you will check in again.  My hope is that some of these tips will help make your decorating easier! Try a couple of different looks yourself...I promise it will be fun!

To see the two designs in the first post, click here.  And to see the final post in the series...

Styling a Bench 6 Ways - Part Three

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Cheers and happy decorating,

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