Friday Favorites – Coffee Table Books on Fashion Design


If you are visiting from last week, welcome back!  If you are new to my Friday Favorites series, welcome to you as well.  As a designer for over 25 years, I have collected and used coffee table books consistently through the years. I have featured them in my interior design projects, my staging projects and throughout my own home.  They are so versatile and can give insights to your guests into your passions and loves and things that make you happy or people that inspire you.  Today, I am sharing my favorite coffee table books on fashion design.

I own and cherish each one of the books I am recommending.  Those who know me well, know I have an obsession with designer shoes and bags and, of course, jewelry.  The images in these fashion design books are absolutely stunning, especially the Manolo Blahnik and Cartier books!!  Breathtaking images of shoes and jewelry…actually, works of art! This collection also includes books covering fashion icons…like Lady Diana.

To shop these books, just click on the images below.

My favorite Coffee Table Books on Fashion Design…


Here are a few ways I have featured some of these books…

Plus, you can see how I used them in different applications.

I combined these books due to their colors for a spring vignette on my dining room buffet.

A lot of the time, I use them like trays.  They provide a great surface for beloved accessories plus add color!

One last thing to remember about coffee table books is that they are great for gifts!  Especially for those in your life that seem to have “everything”.  Giving them as gifts can be a very thoughtful way to convey that you know someone well and that you celebrate their passions.

For me, there are basically four categories of books that I collect and love.  Because of my coffee table book obsession, there are too many to list in one post! I have decided to share my favorites by category in four separate posts as a part of my new Friday Favorites series.  Last week, I focused on home design books. Next, I will feature my favorite books on cooking and entertaining and finally, books for the collector or enthusiast.  To see my post last week, click on this link below…

Friday Favorites – Coffee Table Books on Home Design

If you are interested in updating some of your coffee table books or to give them as gifts, hopefully, this post was helpful.  To see more inspirations on how to decorate with coffee table books, click on this link to my Pinterest page on the same topic.  And stay tuned for more of my Friday Favorites posts!


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