Carolyne Roehm and Her Impeccable Style

There are so many phenomenally talented guys and gals out there that host immaculate parties, create stunning venues and are amazing cooks to boot!  My all-time favorite designer and author in this arena is Carolyne Roehm.  Through her books, we are all so lucky to get a glimpse into her spectacular world!

Carolyne Roehm – The Icon

I cannot say enough about her books and the inspirations they provide.  I have been known to immerse myself in them for hours with a glass or two of wine in hand!  Not only has Carolyne been labeled as “the ultimate tastemaker”, but she is also absolutely the best at everything she touches.  Her style is iconic and her taste is impeccable.

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Here are few glimpses into her stunning parties and homes, spectacular floral arrangements and all things Carolyne Roehm.  Just sit back in relax and enjoy!

The textures and colors here are stunning!

If you love lilacs, it doesn’t get more graceful than this.

An explosion of Lilies of the Valley!

The combination of colors of this veranda table setting is so bright and classic.

Total perfection!!

Carolyne’s own tulip heaven.

Isn’t this just the happiest table setting?!  She certainly knows how to bring the outdoors into her table settings and throughout her home, both inside and outside.  

Her attention to detail is unsurpassed!

So happy and thoughtfully done.  The coordinating touches are everything.

A classic and clean Thanksgiving table setting.

Gorgeous Christmas centerpiece with apples, pine cones, and natural greenery.

Can you imagine sitting at this table for Christmas?!

Stunning silver and white, glamorous Christmas table setting that evokes such a wintery, elegant feel.

Such a lovely, rustic Christmas table setting.

Words cannot say enough of the inspiration I have enjoyed from Carolyne’s books.  Her homes and gardens are beyond dreamy with elegance and care to detail that defies the imagination.

My favorite Carolyne Roehm Books

Click on the images to shop her amazing books.



If you want to see some of my other favorite coffee table books, I started a four-part series on my favorite coffee table books.  I felt it would be appropriate to do a separate post to feature Carolyne and her stunning books.  Her immaculate style is so inspiring.  For the last three weeks, I focused on home design books and fashion design books and books on entertaining and cookbooks. Next, I will feature books for the collector or enthusiast.  To see my last three posts on these subjects, click on this links below…

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It would be so easy to spend an entire weekend perusing the beautiful pages of these books.  To see more inspirations on how to decorate with coffee table books, click on this link to my Pinterest page on the same topic.  I would love to hear your comments on your favorite coffee table books!


  1. KAren | 10th Jun 18

    I adore this post and everything Carolyn Rohm! I have most of her books and am always inspired by her style! Thanks so much for sharing all of this beauty! xo

    • Holliday Johnson | 10th Jun 18

      Thank you so much Karen! Enjoy your “unconnected” time in Montana! It sounds so blissful and heavenly! XO

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