How to create a Fall Vignette with Velvet Pumpkins

The leaves have just started falling here in Colorado (ahead of schedule, I might add!) and few cooler temperatures have been trickling in.  The changes of the seasons are always welcome here as they signify the rebirth of nature.  The second a leaf falls, I step into action and start thinking about the changes I will be making for the new season.  First, I start by pulling out all of the decorations I used the year before and then determine how much of it I will use and how I am going to change things up.  Typically, I start with my island to set the theme for the rest of my fall decor.  Today, I am going to show you how I created this Fall Vignette with Velvet Pumpkins for our island.

Fall Vignette with Velvet Pumpkins 2

Friday Favorites – Best Fall Decor for Table Settings on Amazon

In my persistent quest to decorate our home and tables for fall, I have been shopping online for weeks.  I decided to share my favorite finds of the Best Fall Decor for Table Settings on Amazon.  For fall decorating, I tend to keep things pretty casual since the season just feels like that to me.  The colors of fall and autumn are so cozy and warm and feel more rustic and natural at this time of year.  For Thanksgiving, though, I certainly lean to more formal looks and will share more on that later.

Best Fall Decor for Table Settings on Amazon

Want to be a better blogger?

Hi friends!  Are you a blogger? Have you just started blogging or have you been blogging for a while? Are you thinking about starting a blog? Do you feel overwhelmed by the concept? If you want to be a better blogger, boy, do I have some good news for you!