Holliday’s House Seasoning

Back in the day when the first cooking shows started popping up, I was a huge fan. These days, there are networks filled with cooking shows of all kinds and I watch them several times a week. One of the first shows was Paula Deen’s. She used her own house seasoning in so many of her recipes and it looked so simple. In time, she bottled it and sold it and it was a staple in our home.

Because it was so easy to use and I went through it so fast, I decided to make my own from scratch so it was readily on hand. Google saved the day when I found so many recipes for it! In the meantime, I have been tweaking it through the years to make it my own. I also make it in bulk and make enough to give away for hostess gifts and as party favors.

Holliday's House Seasoning - Home with Holliday

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Since the holidays are over, I have plans to share several recipes with you in the coming months, and my house seasoning is a fundamental part of most of my recipes. The ingredients are so typically used in most savory recipes and in similar proportions.

Holliday’s House Seasoning

In my years of tweaking this recipe, here are my findings. Instead of Kosher salt or iodized salt like other recipes call for, I have settled on using Himalayan Pink Sea Salt for several reasons.

Holliday's House Seasoning - Home with Holliday

For centuries, Himalayan fine sea salt has been used as remedies for a variety of health issues. Sea salt is known for its healing properties and is used by health professionals, spas and individuals who are interested in utilizing natural products to heal the body and relax the mind. Stimulating circulation, lowering blood pressure and removing toxins such as heavy metals from the body are just a few of the many benefits of Himalayan Pink Sea Salt. It also contains up to 84 trace minerals and iron. A very healthy choice!

Holliday's House Seasoning - Home with Holliday

It is important to choose a fine grain of the salt rather than a course ground salt. With regard to the pepper, I use a fine grind rather than a table grind. The texture works better with the fine grain of the sea salt. For the garlic, I have found that garlic GRANULES works better than garlic POWDER. It balances better with the textures of the salt and pepper.

Holliday's House Seasoning - Home with Holliday

These are the products I used for this recipe, but when I make larger batches of my house seasoning, I typically buy my supplies from Costco or Walmart in bulk, which is even more economical.



Holliday's House Seasoning - Home with Holliday

Holliday's Homemade House Seasoning Gift - Home with Hollida

Holliday’s House Seasoning

This is my spin on Paula Deen’s House Seasoning that I have been using for years.  It is perfect for seasoning poultry, fish, meats, vegetables, eggs, dressings and more. 

Prep Time 5 minutes
Author Holliday Johnson


  • 1 Cup Himalayn Pink Sea Salt fine ground
  • 1/4 Cup Pepper fine ground
  • 1/4 Cup Garlic Granules

Recipe Notes

Mix all ingredients together and store in an airtight container for up to one year.

I keep a ramekin bowl filled with my Holliday’s House Seasoning right next to my stove and near my other condiments on my counter for easy access. This way, I am not having to pull out my salt, pepper and garlic powder every time I am cooking. Easy peasy!

Holliday's House Seasoning - Home with Holliday
Holliday's House Seasoning - Home with Holliday


  1. Amanda | 4th Feb 19

    Thank you so much for sharing this Holly! I am very interested in using the seasoning…what do you add this seasoning to or in place of?

    • Holliday Johnson | 4th Feb 19

      It is a combination of salt, pepper and garlic powder in the right proportions for typical savory recipes. I use in almost every recipe that calls for salt and pepper! Give it a whirl!

  2. Julie Briones | 4th Feb 19

    Thanks for sharing the recipe! Love that you are going to share some of these this coming year!

    • Holliday Johnson | 4th Feb 19

      Thanks, my friend! I needed to work on my food photography so I could feel better about posting them! XO

  3. Jamie Tarence | 4th Feb 19

    This looks like the perfect “all seasoning” for the pantry! I am making some tonight to keep on hand!!!

    • Holliday Johnson | 4th Feb 19

      Excellent, Jamie! It really makes things so easy rather than having to pull out these ingredients that are included in most savory recipes! I hope you enjoy it…the Himalayan Sea Salt is the key!

  4. Kelly | 4th Feb 19

    Oh this looks absolutely yummy and will be on my list to make!!! Thank you for sharing.

    • Holliday Johnson | 4th Feb 19

      Oh, I am so glad! You will love the simplicity and convenience of having it pre-made! Enjoy!! XO

  5. Mansa | 4th Feb 19

    Thank you for sharing this seasoning mix! I cannot wait to try it!

    • Holliday Johnson | 4th Feb 19

      Hi Mansa, I think you will appreciate how easy it makes things! Plus, it is so easy to make in bulk! Thank you for stopping by!

  6. lory | 5th Feb 19

    This seems so simple to make, but I’m sure it packs a lot of flavor. thanks so much for sharing Holly!

    • Holliday Johnson | 5th Feb 19

      It is so simple and even more convenient! So many recipes call for all three ingredients! XO

  7. Shawna | 5th Feb 19

    Homemade seasoning is the best! I’d like to try this and keep some on hand.

    • Holliday Johnson | 5th Feb 19

      I highly recommend it! It also makes it easy for my kids if they are trying to cook something simple since they don’t have to pull out all of the elements separately!

  8. Tana - Your Marketing BFF | 5th Feb 19

    This is such a great idea! And a huge cost savings… Thanks Holliday! Excited to try it.

    • Holliday Johnson | 5th Feb 19

      Thanks, Tana! It is especially cost saving when you make batches in bulk (I use the extra to give as party favors or hostess gifts (more on that coming soon!!). 🙂

  9. Gail | 6th Feb 19

    I love the recipe, also love that you have a button to jump right to the recipe at the top. I wish more people would do that! Also love your pin labels. Do you add that beige heart as part of the image or us that a plugin of some sort?

    • Holliday Johnson | 6th Feb 19

      Hi Gail! My pin labels are added automatically by a plug-in called “jQuery Pin it Button” and it is easy to set up. Thanks for stopping by and I am so glad you liked the recipe. Give it a whirl!

  10. Designs by Laila | 6th Feb 19

    I use a lot of seasoning when i cook and this sounds delish, gotta try it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Holliday Johnson | 6th Feb 19

      You are so welcome, Laila! It cuts down so much time for it all to be pre-mixed! Have a great day!!

  11. Jane Davidson | Typically Jane | 7th Feb 19

    This would be good on absolutely everything!

  12. Nancy De Astis | 22nd Feb 19

    I am definitely making this for my Bunco group. Everyone usually goes home with a little gift. This will be perfect!

  13. Frani | 5th Mar 19

    Great seasoning! Where did you get those darling little jars?

    • Holliday Johnson | 6th Mar 19

      Believe it or not, I bought them at Hobby Lobby at 50% off for only $1.00 each!! I also linked a few similar options in my post, if you would rather order some online. Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Lisa Treadwell | 21st Oct 19

    I’ve been using Paula Deen‘s house seasoning for years and love your twist on that recipe with the pink Himalayan salt!

  15. Lisa Treadwell | 22nd Oct 19

    Thank you… I’d happily welcome a batch from you!

    • Holliday Johnson | 22nd Oct 19

      On it! I will let you know when I have it ready for you! XO

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