Tangy Garlic Coleslaw

It is finally time here for outdoor entertaining! Most often, we entertain at least once a week in the spring and summer. This also means we are doing a lot of grilling! Coleslaw is a staple for most barbeques but I have never really been that fond of coleslaw until I had my mom’s version of the famous garlic coleslaw from Vincent’s in Dallas. When the restaurant closed, the chef shared the recipe with my mother. He only gave her the ingredients, so we had to figure out quantities on our own. We have been tweaking it for years. Today, I am sharing my version of this simple Tangy Garlic Coleslaw because I made it to serve with the ribs we served this weekend for a small gathering.

Tangy Garlic Coleslaw - Home with Holliday

Easy Homemade House Seasoning Gifts

One of the most important things you can do as a guest to a function, whether large or small, is to bring a gift for your gracious host or hostess. At this time in my life, so many of my friends and family have everything they need so bringing a homemade gift can be so much more meaningful. Today, I am sharing how to make Homemade House Seasoning Gifts from scratch. Not only is it a “green” gift, but also sustainable and can last in someone’s cupboard for over a year.

Holliday's Homemade House Seasoning Gift - Home with Hollida

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Holliday’s House Seasoning

Back in the day when the first cooking shows started popping up, I was a huge fan. These days, there are networks filled with cooking shows of all kinds and I watch them several times a week. One of the first shows was Paula Deen’s. She used her own house seasoning in so many of her recipes and it looked so simple. In time, she bottled it and sold it and it was a staple in our home.

Because it was so easy to use and I went through it so fast, I decided to make my own from scratch so it was readily on hand. Google saved the day when I found so many recipes for it! In the meantime, I have been tweaking it through the years to make it my own. I also make it in bulk and make enough to give away for hostess gifts and as party favors.

Holliday's House Seasoning - Home with Holliday

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