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Holiday Hosting at Home – Fall Home Decor and Tablescapes

Hi friends! I am so excited to introduce our new blog hop; Holiday Hosting at Home – Fall Home Decor and Tablescapes.  We have been working on this for a few months are excited for it to finally go live!

This month marks my first year in this blogging world and, boy, what a journey it has been.  Beyond the countless hours of developing my website, learning how to take my photos, designing my spaces, creating table settings, writing my posts, one of the best parts is finding so many new friendships in the same space.

I have had the great pleasure of meeting two super talented gals that share the same passion for entertaining and hosting our friends and families in our homes.  In these days and times, we believe it is sadly becoming a lost art.  We were all also raised in similar families that entertained regularly so our bond formed so easily and organically.  It was also a coincidence that the names of our blogs are so similar (some fun stories on that coming later!).

In light of sharing the same passions, we are collaborating to bring together a new Holiday Hosting at Home Blog Hop to help bring you creative and inspirational ideas for hosting in your own homes for the holidays.

Holiday Hosting at Home

Friday Favorites – Best Fall Decor for Table Settings on Amazon

In my persistent quest to decorate our home and tables for fall, I have been shopping online for weeks.  I decided to share my favorite finds of the Best Fall Decor for Table Settings on Amazon.  For fall decorating, I tend to keep things pretty casual since the season just feels like that to me.  The colors of fall and autumn are so cozy and warm and feel more rustic and natural at this time of year.  For Thanksgiving, though, I certainly lean to more formal looks and will share more on that later.

Best Fall Decor for Table Settings on Amazon

Creative Ideas for Fall or Thanksgiving Table Settings and Home Decor

Depending on where you live, the changing of the seasons is right before us.  The warmer tones and natural colors that come with fall provide such a stunning display of God’s nature changing as we transition into winter.  I love decorating for fall so I have been compiling several creative ideas for fall or Thanksgiving table settings and home decor to provide inspirations for you as you plan your fall decor.  There are five different suggestions here that can help you create your own fall looks for multiple areas in your home.  Grab a coffee or a glass of wine and settle in.  This post is full of so many beautiful and creative ideas from fellow talented bloggers with a few thrown in here from me.

Last week, I shared a post of mine offering some Simple Ideas for Fall Table Settings, so you might want to check that out also.