Simple Woodland and Pine Cone Christmas Table Setting

It is really starting to feel like fall and that winter is creeping up on us.  We have had several snow showers already and most of the leaves are finished falling.  All of this gets me even more excited about this holiday season.  Today, I am sharing the first of several Christmas table settings for events I have planned through the holidays.  This Simple Woodland and Pine Cone Christmas Table Setting was so easy to do and will be great for the “Think and Drink” function I am hosting tomorrow.

Simple Woodland and Pine Cone Christmas Table Setting - Home with Holliday

Holiday Hosting at Home #4: Creative Ideas and Recipes for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Hi friends! Thanksgiving is roughly two weeks away.  Are you ready?!  Things have been super busy between the three of us as we are gearing up for the holidays.  We are so excited to share our fourth post in our new blog hop; Holiday Hosting at Home!  Today, we are sharing what has been going on this week including some creative ideas and recipes for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Holiday Hosting at Home

Jewel-Toned Thanksgiving Table Setting

With October behind us, we are embarking on my favorite time of the year…the “holidays”.  For me, that includes Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  If you are following fashion trends these days, jewel-tones are big right now and that is part of what inspired this Jewel-toned Thanksgiving Table Setting.

My Jewel-toned Thanksgiving Table Setting - Home with Holliday

Thanksgiving is such a special time where we have a unique opportunity to share our gratitude for our loved ones and the facets of our lives that we are grateful for.  As usual, it is important to me to make all of our guests to feel special whether it is Thanksgiving or not.  A celebration such as this certainly gives you the chance to take things up a notch for those you share your table with for Thanksgiving.

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