Holliday’s Gift Guide-25 under $25

If going shopping on Black Friday scares you like me, then this Gift Guide is for you!  Finding affordable gifts can be a challenge, so that is the focus of this list.  Every item on this guide is under $25 and one is priced as low as $6!  There is something here for everyone…whether for a birthday, a Christmas present or even a hostess gift.

Rustic Winter Christmas Table Setting

Being born and raised in Texas, I love introducing a “touch of Texas” into my table settings throughout the year. Christmas is certainly no exception!  Living in Colorado now, adding a “rustic” flair is a natural fit, not to mention featuring a winter theme.  Growing up, I never had a real white Christmas until we moved here to Denver.  It truly has been blessing for our kiddos and our guests that have visited!  All of these factors inspired this Rustic Winter Christmas Table Setting.

Rustic Winter Christmas Table Setting

Casual Fall Table Setting

Hi friends! Now that the weather has changed to fall, it is time to bring our dinner parties inside.  I really enjoyed putting together this Casual Fall Table Setting for some guests we just hosted from out of town.  Finding neutral-toned features for this table was quite easy.  Fall colors are so easy to implement into your home decor.

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Casual Fall Table Setting

Holliday’s Gift Guide-Home Decor

Most assuredly, we all have friends or family members that are hard to buy for.  Me included!  For those folks, I have gathered a group of some of my favorite home decor products that make great gifts!  So many of these finds are things most wouldn’t normally buy for themselves.  Holiday and birthday shopping can be overwhelming, so hopefully, this will lighten your burden.  Plus, you can shop from the comfort of your home or your office…my kind of shopping experience!!

Christmas Centerpiece with Apothecary Jars

Harlan Miller once said, ” I wish we could put up some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every month”.  Considering my obsession with all things “Christmas”, I am completely delighted by this quote and it absolutely inspired this post!

If you want to put Christmas in jar, I say put it in an apothecary jar!  Recently, apothecary jars have really made a grand entrance onto the home decorating stage.  With such versatility, there is so much you can do with them and utilize then in so many areas of your home.