Fall Kitchen Tour – 2017

I love fall!!  I always start decorating at the sight of the first falling leaf.  The colors and tones that emerge from nature during this time of year are so cozy and warm so I relish this time of year.  Today, I am giving you a small Fall Kitchen Tour of the decor I have created to get started for this fall season.  Thank you for stopping by to see it!

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Fall Kitchen Tour

Fall-Thanksgiving Table Setting-2017

When one holiday ends, another begins here…immediately! After waking up from the sugar coma from Halloween, I get busy working on my Thanksgiving table setting.  Typically, I start with the centerpiece to set the color palate.  This year, I bought the moss arrangement to use on my table year around, so I wanted to work with it for this table setting.  It is totally natural and provides wonderful, organic texture.  I really like using it in lieu of using fresh flowers, which I think is a must usually.

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Dollar Tree Halloween Table Setting

As demonstrated in my recent blog post Dollar Tree Fall/Thanksgiving Table Setting, beautiful, creative table settings do not have to be expensive!  Based on the feedback and positive comments from my last Dollar Tree post, I decided to create another table setting with ONLY items purchased from my local Dollar Tree Store. Surprisingly, this particular table setting cost less than $40!!

Personally, I am not much into Halloween, but with kiddos around, they are always asking for “real” decorations, not just pumpkins and flowers.  Imagine that…oh, the perils of kids with a mom who is a designer.  So, I decided to oblige and create a Dollar Tree Halloween Table Setting.

Benjamin Franklin famously said, “A penny saved is a penny earned”.  I say save those pennies!!

Styling your Coffee Tables

Nate Berkus is absolutely one of the most inspiring interior designers that have influenced me throughout the years.  Besides that, he and my brother and his family were all survivors of the tsunami that devastated Thailand years ago, so I have felt a unique bond with him.  He has said that “Everyone should be able to sit in a room with pieces that spark memories”.  Not only do I completely agree with this sentiment, but I incorporate it fully throughout my home.  Today, I am sharing ideas about styling your coffee tables to better represent you and your personal style.

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Styling your Coffee Tables

Typically, a coffee table is a centerpiece of most family rooms and living rooms. As you and your family or guests are sitting around your coffee tables, they are getting a glimpse into things that are important to you. I have always encouraged my clients and my friends (only when asked, of course!) to utilize this area as a display for cherished accessories, your passions, and your interests. Not only does it allow your guests to get to know you better, but it also can initiate enlightening conversations about the places you have visited, your passions (in my case, this includes favorite designers, artists, places we have traveled, etc.), and the people and things that inspire you or have sentimental value.

Dollar Tree Fall/Thanksgiving Table Setting

Beautiful table settings do not have to be expensive!  To prove that, I created this fall table setting with ONLY items purchased from my local Dollar Tree store, costing less than $50 for all of it!!  My kids have always loved going to dollar stores when they were little.  Actually, my teenage daughter still loves going and I have always been fascinated by what you can buy at a dollar store!  So, she was part of the inspiration of this Dollar Tree Fall/Thanksgiving Table Setting.

Benjamin Franklin famously said, “A penny saved is a penny earned”.  I say save those pennies!!