Friday Favorites – Crystal Drum Chandeliers

Happy Friday friends!  Welcome back to my Friday Favorites series.  This week,  I am featuring my favorite crystal drum chandeliers.  When we remodeled our dining room after we bought our home, I decided to think outside of the box with regard to how I was going to design the lighting.   Our dining room sits on the front of our home, so I wanted to feature something dramatic as it would be seen from the street as neighbors and guest drive by.

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We were fortunate to have acquired a sizeable dining room that presented a clean slate for me to work with (shown below).  It already had four spot recessed lights in the corners of the room and then one chandelier with two recessed cans.  Sorry for the quality of this photo.  I had no idea I would start blogging when we bought our home!!  I got this picture from the online “brochure”.

That was then…this is now…My favorite Crystal Drum Chandeliers

Knowing that I could use a really long dining room table in the room, I decided that one chandelier could look a bit whimpy with a 10-foot dining room table with large chairs.  So, I decided to use three smaller chandeliers rather than just one.  I have gotten so many compliments on them so I decided to share with you similar options to the ones I currently have as mine are not available anymore.

My favorite Crystal Drum Chandeliers - Home with Holliday

Funny story…I have a precious neighbor that calls me when she has guests coming over to ask me to turn them on so her friends can see them when they drive by.  True story!!  They certainly do provide a bit of drama.  When I was planning our dining room space, I wanted to create a casual, comfortable space to enjoy during long meals with family and friends, but my “fancy” side desired to have a bit of glamour in the space.  The new chandeliers I chose had a contemporary shape while still evoking elegant style.  Besides, who doesn’t love just a bit of sparkle?!

Here are a few shots of them “in use” during a few special occasions in our home.

My favorite Crystal Drum Chandeliers - Home with Holliday

Blush Pink and Gold Galentine’s Dinner Party

I love how they create a canopy of lighting over the table!

My favorite Crystal Drum Chandeliers - Home with Holliday

Green and White Easter Table Setting

My favorite Crystal Drum Chandeliers - Home with Holliday

Green and White Easter Table Setting

My favorite thing about them is how they reflect in the mirror!

My favorite Crystal Drum Chandeliers - Home with Holliday

Spring Table Setting for a Mother’s Day Luncheon

In the evenings, I turn them down to create this lovely ambient lighting.

Winter Glam Dining Room Table Setting

My favorite Crystal Drum Chandeliers

These selections include all sorts of styles and prices.  They can all obviously be used in other areas of your home and would certainly add a little glitz to areas that might need a little lift.



Here are a few other examples of great ways to use this style of chandelier…

My favorite Crystal Drum Chandeliers - Home with Holliday


My favorite Crystal Drum Chandeliers - Home with Holliday



Thank you for stopping by today.  I would love to hear what topics you would like me cover on Fridays.  Leave your comments below and I will work on them.  And stay tuned for more of my Friday Favorites posts!



Friday Favorites - My favorite Crystal Drum Chandeliers


  1. dianntha | 22nd Jun 18

    I don’t see the chandelier in any of the options or link. Are they still available?

    • Holliday Johnson | 22nd Jun 18

      Hi Diantha! Unfortunately, they are not available anymore which is why I shared these other options that are similar in style. I bought them over four years ago. 🙁 Thank you for asking though and for stopping by!

  2. Lisa | 22nd Jun 18

    Hi there! I’m actually in the Market for a new light fixture for my guest room. You’ve given me a lot to think about.


    • Holliday Johnson | 23rd Jun 18

      I am so happy to hear that Lisa! Thank you so much for stopping by. I would love to hear about what you end up choosing! Best, Holliday

  3. Michelle | 24th Jun 18

    The drum chandeliers are beautiful! I love the way they reflect in the mirror too. Pure elegance.

    • Holliday Johnson | 24th Jun 18

      Thank you Michelle! I think that is my favorite thing about them because it looks like I have six! 🙂 Thank you reading the post!!

  4. Julie Briones | 27th Jun 18

    Talk about gorgeous, Holly… I am not what most people would call ‘glam’, but if I was… these would DEF be on my shopping list! I love drum lighting fixtures and shades. You dining room is just beautiful! Pinned!

    • Holliday Johnson | 27th Jun 18

      Thank you so much, Julie! It is a fun room especially in the evenings…they sparkle a little more. 🙂 XO!

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