My Top Ten Posts of 2018!

First of all…Happy New Year! What a year this has been this first full year of my blogging journey. Being able to share my Top Ten Posts of 2018 has only been possible because of you loyal readers and I am so appreciative! I have a lot in store for this year ahead and look forward to sharing it all with you!

This shot is in one of my Friday Favorite posts, but it was the top post on Instagram this year, so I thought I would share it first. It was amazing to me that such a simple arrangement would be so well liked.

My Top Ten Posts of 2019 - Home with Holliday

Simple Spring Home Decor Ideas

Decorating for spring is one of my favorite things to do (Christmas is most assuredly my favorite though!).  Spring is such a dramatic season with the sprouting of new leaves, vibrant colors, and warmer weather.  In this post, I am sharing a few simple spring home decor ideas.

Spring is finally upon us here in Denver, in spite of it having snowed three times in the last week!  My peonies are about two feet tall, my tulips are about to pop and my daffodils have been blooming for a couple of weeks.  Plus, my cherry trees are in full bloom!

Simple Spring Home Decor Ideas - Home with Holliday

Earlier this week, I posted a new Spring Table Setting for a luncheon we are hosting for my mother for Mother’s Day this weekend.  They are coming to visit in a few days, so I get to celebrate it with her a little early.  Here are a few images from that post or you can visit the new post here.  This table setting inspired the other spring decor around this area that I am sharing today.

Spring Table Setting for Mother’s Day Luncheon

Spring Table Setting - Home with Holliday

My parents live in Dallas, so I don’t get to be with my mother on Mother’s Day very often since I moved to Denver.  This year, though, they are coming a few weeks before, so we will get to celebrate it with her a little early with this Spring Table Setting.  My mother is an acclaimed hostess and they open their home very often for events, both large and small.  She has most certainly been my most significant inspiration for my own passion for entertaining!

Spring Table Setting - Home with Holliday